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October 1st, 2015

Celebrating its 25th year, the London Art Fair (LAF) opened to the public last Thursday and is the largest fair of modern and contemporary art in the UK. Established in 1988, the exhibition brings together over 100 galleries featuring the great names in British art of the twentieth century and contemporary works of art of great figures and emerging talent.

This is also the ideal opportunity for the galleries renew their business relationships and develop new contacts. A large number of professionals, as collectors, representatives of public, designers and private institutions, as well as admirers of art meet at this event.

At Casa Forma we are always looking for the most unique artists, artisans and materials from the most diverse places in the world, whilst seeking new inspiration for our interior design projects, we've been there this week to check out some of the artists on display.

The Flowers Gallery, a major event returned to London after several years bringing innovative work, as the Englishman Patrick Hughes. Hughes created a world solidified into perspective with images that come to life before our eyes!

There are self-portraits of English painter Claerwen James, who has already been exhibited in Flowers Gallery for quite a while now. My attention was drawn to the richness of the colors. Some of the pictures used are from the artist's own childhood.


Another much visited space was the artist of pop - art Peter Blake

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design London Art Fair
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Patrick Hughes Artwork
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Peter Blake Artwork


September 20th, 2015

Casa Forma and its international team attended the annual Decorex show at Syon Park, to keep current on the newest trends and to get inspiration from all the new collections from the best suppliers currently representing the high end market.

For 38 years, Decorex have brought together designers from all over the world to showcase the latest products launched with the aim to create new & interesting interior designs.

Every year a new theme is presented at the show influencing the perception of the visitors during the whole visit.

The main theme for this year was about ‘The Future of Luxury’ a topic very well linked with the current issue and trend within the luxury interiors industry, deeply demonstrated by the V&A's recent exhibition - What is Luxury?

Casa Forma discovered new & fascinating collections from suppliers, with whom we started building solid collaborations with.

Keeping up with these kinds of well managed and organized events such as Decorex - at Casa Forma we continue to gain new inspiring points for projects we are currently working on from Beirut to Dubai, Moscow, Riyadh and of course London. 

Casa Forma Attend The Decorex International Design Show 2015


June 23rd, 2015

Casa Forma’s interior design scheme for the One Hyde Park project was synergistic with the buildings’ Modernist and Art Deco inspired architecture. Their luxury interior design scheme for the 4,000 square foot apartment focused on practicality and functionality whilst exuding the best of bespoke luxury and elegance. The client brief focused on sophisticated and timeless interior design, making the apartment luxurious and elegant as well as a comfortable holiday home for the family.

One Hyde Park has three retail units and 86 residential properties at prices ranging from £3m to £136m.

Casa Forma started the design project on May 2012 and completed it by the end of December 2012, and apart from the prestige of designing the apartment, the project offered Casa Forma the opportunity to work to ultimate precision paying particular attention to detail, luxury, quality, and value. It also provided Casa Forma the opportunity to research a variety of materials and techniques used to make it a truly unique design scheme the result being a carefully considered and uncompromising luxuriously designed apartment.

One Hyde Park is the epitome of bespoke luxury. We focused our design on detail, quality, luxury, and at the same time ensured the client gets value,” says Faiza Seth.

Special materials were used during the design such as gold and silver leafed wallpaper manipulated with gesso and acid; ombre sycamore high gloss panels, triple bevel mirrors, glass relief sculpture on mirror, tortoise shell and tiger eye backlit mosaic, rock crystal chandeliers creating the ultimate in luxury.

An unusual and outstanding design feature can also be found in the apartment in the form of an abstract map of Hyde Park walkways that was created using resin, metal and trims that clad on the side of the main corridor with each panel set in a slightly different angle creating a subtle 3D effect.

For Casa Forma the opportunity of completing a project at One Hyde Park strengthens their worldwide visibility as leading luxury interior designers. One Hyde Park apartments are coveted by a discerning international audience.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Living Area One Hyde Park Apartment


April 2nd, 2015

I personally love Damien Hirst's art as it is meaniful, versatile, and beautiful. It's art that provokes thought and provides a great source of inspiration for our interior design ideas.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Sympathy in White Major Damien Hirst


March 16th, 2015

Sotheby’s are one of the best known auctioneers who bring ancient art elements into the limelight. They hold auctions day in and day out, they always have something fantastic in store. In the month of June they have several upcoming auction events as described below.

Important English and European Decorative Arts

This is one of the upcoming Sotheby’s auctions set to happen on the 9th of June 2014 in New York. Some of the featured decorative arts items are A pair of Neoclassical type Pavonazzo marble lidded vases which are is to be sold between 5000-7000 USD, and A pair of large Neoclassical curved granite tazze which will be around 10000-15000 USD. The auction has a bid range of 800-18000 USD. I will take place at 10:00AM EDT. 249 items on auction which will feature art work from all over Europe including rugs and carpets alongside ceramics.

Modern and Post-War British Art

The auction is expected to have 117 items for sale that will run between June 10 to June 11 of 2014. Session 1 on the 10th of June will feature the first 28 lots. As a result of a commendable spring season for Post-War British art sales, Sotheby’s proudly presents another selection that will include museum pieces with the likes of Ben Nicholson’s 1967 (silver brown) acquired from the Art Institute of Chicago. It will also feature the sale of important paintings from artists Edward Burra, Sean Scully, L.S. Lowry, Ivon Hitchens, Patrick Heron, Peter Lanyons and Patrick Caulfield.

Finest and Rarest Wines

June 18, 2014 will see the upcoming Sotheby’s auctions present the finest and rarest wines ever on the globe up for grabs. The selection consists of 600 lots up for grabs which will include Sauternes, Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Vintage Port. Burgundy will have the 1999 DRC assortment case. Bordeaux will have Palmer 1989, Mouton 1996 among others. Champagne will have Krug 1952, 1953 and Magnum of 1979.

For more information about using art in your home see our article Integrating Modern Art And Design In The Home

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Sothebys Vase
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Sothebys Artwork
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Wine


March 13th, 2015

If you are looking for a quick and easy change to a more luxurious bathroom, we have some great interior design tips for you.

Bathroom redecoration should be addressing all your needs and expectations in order to help you create a relaxing environment where you can feel comfortable and spend some time with yourself. Sophisticated furniture is not necessary if you plan to make your bathroom more luxurious, there are many simple and very cheap design ideas that can do the trick for you and transform your bathroom into a sanctuary.

1. Add candles
Scented candles can make the atmosphere in your bathroom very relaxing and pleasurable. Choose solely those candles that are placed in ceramic, sturdy metal or glass holders in a place where they cannot be easily accessed or knocked over. Since there are so many scents available on the market, you can successfully opt for the ones you like most to make your bathroom luxurious.

2. Use a bath pillow
To relax and enhance your bathing experience, add a bath pillow to your bathroom, which will help you feel comfortable, will offer you relaxing sounds and will make your bathroom very luxurious. It is not expensive and, on top of that, you can get an incredibly comfortable massage while enjoying your bath.

3. Towel warmer
Investing in a towel warmer will allow you to make your bathroom as luxurious as a spa center. You will definitely enjoy having warm towels to wait for you every time you finish your bath, especially if the weather is rather cold and you want to feel really comfortable.

4. Add greenery
Adding various plants to your bathroom can help you make it more inviting and luxurious. While a cluster of houseplants will only make this room calmer, crabapple blossoms can bring a romantic vibe in. Simply opt for the ones you like most to make the bathroom look and feel as you wish.

5. Carpets
Carpets constitute an excellent way to redecorate your bathroom and add some novelty to it. Opt for those carpets that can complement other colors in your bathroom or the style of the furniture you are using. Not only are they comfortable, but they will enhance your bathing experience.

For your bathroom fittings we would recommend you using sophisticated and charming products such as the Serdaneli brand, especially as we were given the opportunity to redesign there stand.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Candles
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Bath Pillow
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Bathroom Towel Warmer
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Bathroom Plant
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Bathroom Rug


March 10th, 2015

For many years, Los Angeles County, California has been a major hub of great art due to the various high-end galleries found there. The major art districts around Los Angeles include Beverley Hills, Culver City, Bergamot Station, as well as Santa Monica. The following artists’ work are featured this month in Los Angeles. The exhibitions feature various types of art including traditional fine art and contemporary art, paintings, prints, fine art, photography, and sculpture.

Mark Ryden
This exhibition began on May 3 and will run until June 28, 2014 at the Kohn Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Daniel Phill
This great exhibition runs until June 28, 2014 at the George Billis Gallery in Culver City.

James Verbicky
The JoAnne Artman Gallery in Laguna Beach features the work of James Verbicky.


Casa Forma incorporate many different types of art when working on our interior design projects.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design James Verbicky Artwork
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Mark Ryden Artwork
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Daniel Phill Artwork


October 1st, 2012

Dramatic Design


This year Decorex showcased a wealth of refreshing and innovative ideas for high end interior schemes, with classic inspirations dominating and new techniques in art and craftsmanship visibly evident in furniture design. The show demonstrated a move towards theatrical design where key furniture pieces bring a sense of drama and atmosphere into residential interiors. Representing dramatic flair at its very best, Dame Vivienne Westwood played around with the iconic Jubilee theme by presenting her new fabric, wallpaper and rug creations through an imaginative entrance showcase. Christopher Guy also veered towards the dramatic, stealing the show with an outstanding eight metre tall sculpture. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the installation featured his new "CG Beacon of Craftsmanship" furniture collection, which included an oversized upholstered buttoned chair that displayed exquisite carving techniques through curled wooden arms and twisted table legs with a touch of antique gold opulence. Inspirational and highly creative, we at Casa Forma loved the dramatic touch shown through his key furniture pieces.

Soft and Luxurious


Soft and light schemes are set to play an important role in interiors, with considered textural and tonal pairings creating a timeless finish that celebrates intricate details and beautiful materials. We were pleased to see fresh new companies such as US based Studio E Inc presenting a collection of textured and hand-painted wallpaper designs that featured soft metallic shades and traditional artisan wall finishes that are applied directly to the paper. Inspired by Luxury Plain, their new collection was a soft and neutral palette embellished by embroidered, embossed and stone wash linen fabrics. Interior designer Louise Bradley echoed the ‘timeless interiors’ concept with the launch of a new furniture range characterised by soft shades. Prominent pieces on display included antique silver mirrors, an oversized coffee table with black bevelled glass detail, a chandelier in antique nickel and a pair of studded detail chairs.

Casa Forma Decorex Show 2012 The Design Tabloid
Casa Forma Decorex Show Blue Kitchen Cups, Saucers, Tea Towel & Toilet Plunger