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December 9th, 2015

Frequent studies have linked where you work to how productive you are whilst working. In fact, recent studies have shown that a well-designed office can increase worker productivity by as much as 20%. At the same time studies reported in the Guardian have shown that nearly a fifth of Britons are suffering from stress and anxiety disorders. A happy workforce is a more productive work force and, with that firmly in mind, we decided to look at designing your office to increase productivity.

Starting with The Basics

The essential first points we consider when designing offices are light, space and desks. Poor light levels create poor moods. Lack of space creates a stifled work environment and decreases productivity as it does not allow for free movement of personnel. Optimised, ergonomic desk spaces increase productivity.


One of the first things we look to when designing office spaces is increasing natural and artificial lighting. Poor lighting has been linked to depression, weariness and eyestrain amongst other issues. We like to add overhead lighting as well as side lighting to create a warm open environment.


Space is always at a premium in a busy office and cramming enough desks in can seem like a challenge in itself. However, increasing the feeling of space in an office can drastically improve productivity and workplace communication. This can be simple changes like re-arranging the desk structure or it can involve creating new spaces to make transition between work areas more comfortable. We can also help create the illusion of space through adding mirrors, increasing door heights and using neutral colours. By connecting the indoor space with the outdoors we bring in elements of nature which creates a relaxing and positive working ambiance.

Desk Space

If your workers sit at desks that they like they will be more productive. Comfy, stylish chairs, ergonomic keyboards and computer monitors are a great place to start but don’t forget the desks themselves. Office supplier desks tend to be cheap and mundane. Replacing with sleek modern or classic elegance styles makes your employs feel more valued – and their work will be more valuable.

Beyond the Basics

These are the basic changes every office should look to incorporate into a redesign. We at Casa Forma like to take this a lot further. One of the best ways to increase productivity in an office is to make it more like a bar or home than an office. Companies like Google have already embraced this new ethos. Adding pool tables, lounge areas, a coffee bar or dining tables changes your work environment incredibly. You could take it even further and look at ways to create the ultimate luxurious office.

Imagine this – your employee needs to have a 1 on 1 project review with you. Instead of stepping into your office you have the discussion in a comfy chair in the coffee room. Your meeting is more relaxed and your employee is able to convey their thoughts on the project in a casual, open setting. This improves communication immensely. After work your employees might stay in the office for a few drinks and a game of pool – they actively want to spend time in the office!

Design and office content play a pivotal role in this modern workplace. We want to create light comfortable spaces for your employees to relax in. We choose light open colours, sleek modern furniture and supplement it with facilities targeted at your employees. We create a modern workspace that throws traditional office atmospheres away whilst improving your employees performance.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Office Meeting Desk
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Office Writing Desk And Chair


November 11th, 2015

Wood is a sought-after flooring material in luxury residential and commercial interiors. When property owners search for the most suitable wood for their interior, the amount of options and industry terms are often confusing. In this blog post we aim to explain your options so when your design expert recommends one option over the other, you will be in a position to understand the thought process behind it.


Wood Flooring Types

Terms such as ‘real wood’, ‘wood effect’, ‘engineered wood’ and other terms are sometimes confusing. There are in fact two types of real wood flooring, while a distant alternative is the laminate or vinyl wood effect flooring, which should not be confused for natural wood.

Option One: Solid Wood Flooring – The solid option is made from 100% real wood. Each plank comes in random lengths and thickness of 18mm to 21mm. Solid wood flooring is suitable in most interiors, except when fitted in wet areas such as the bathroom or over under floor heating. The use of solid wood means that the floor is particularly strong making it the first choice of commercial property owners but also popular in residential properties.

Option Two: Engineered Wood Flooring – The engineered option is made from 20% or so of solid wood, whilst the rest is made from softwood, plywood and MDF to an overall thickness of 14mm to 21mm thick. It is machined made from layer upon layer of material with the solid layer always on the top and the other manmade layers below. When fitted, it looks 100% identical to the original solid type. It is suitable in all interiors, including in wet areas and on top of under floor heating. Its varied construction makes it more affordable compared to the solid wood option.

Option Three: Wood effect Flooring – The wood effect option isn’t made from natural wood and should not be considered real wood flooring. Using plastic, wood fibers or vinyl, the plank is made to resemble the natural features of wood such as sapwood, knots and of course, the golden honey colour of wood. It comes as laminate floor or vinyl wood effect floor making it substantially cheaper than real wood. Often it looks artificial or fake to a degree, as real wood is visually hard to mimic.


The Origin Of Wood

Both solid and engineered wood flooring contains natural wood which comes from forests all around the world. In recent years more and more consumers have been asking for ethically sourced wood so their decision in fitting this type of flooring does not endanger other habitats.

Most of the UK’s reputable vendors source their merchandise from managed forests in which trees are logged under strict allocation and the wood can be traced back to its source. New trees are planted to replace those who have been logged. In fact, an organisation called the FSC (FSC Forest Stewardship Council United Kingdom) credits and certifies vendors who meet this condition. These vendors will then display an FSC certificate that you can ask to read. Buying FSC wood is the responsible way to ensure ethical sourcing of wood flooring.

Wood Features Such as Sapwood, Knots and Colour Variations

Property owners are often confused as to why some examples vary in terms of colours or why some examples carry plenty of sapwood, knots, grain markings and other natural characteristic of wood, while others carry these in limited amount. This is influenced by the grade of the wood and you have a choice of four grades.

Prime and Select Grade – The two highest grades are also the dearest of the bunch. Each plank will feature minimal sapwood, knots and the planks will resemble very closely in terms of shade. These two are the ultimate in luxury grade.

Natural and Rustic Grade – The two basic grades feature plenty of sapwood, knots and colour variation should be expected. It makes the natural and rustic grade planks more affordable vs. prime and select grade.

Wood Flooring Finish

After selecting the type and grade comes the part of selecting the finish. Similarly to grade, it is a visual preference so there’s little in terms of right or wrong. There are roughly four common options that are based on variants of oil or lacquered coating.

Oil Finish – It will give the planks a matt look and is incredible hard wearing. Oil will penetrate the wood making it slower to wear. It is easy to maintain using a paintbrush and oil when required. The matt level can be heightened or lessened by applying several vs. one coat of oil.

Lacquered Finish – It will give the planks a glossy look and quicker to wear as unlike oil, lacquered is too thick to penetrate the wood. However, this makes the plank almost waterproof, which is handy if fitting engineered wood flooring in the bathroom or kitchen areas (in such case, several layers of lacquered are applied).

For information on interior design and architecture projects contact Casa Forma.

Information written by Jonathan Sapir.MD of WoodandBeyond.com a London based FSC vendor of hardwoods.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Dark Wood Flooring


November 9th, 2015

We at Casa Forma love a good watering-hole just as much as everyone else.  We especially love an exceptionally designed one.  It is not difficult to find a good cocktail in any city around the world. Enjoying your drink in a stylish and beautifully designed interior is however a different matter. At a great cocktail bar guests feel welcome and cared for whilst being surrounded by the best in design and atmosphere. These are our top 5 most beautifully designed cocktail bars around the world. For the moment anyway, we'll keep you updated on our future favourites.

Wyld - London

It's no surprise that this gorgeous bar is located in the W hotel London, Leicester Square.  W hotels are known for their stylish and contemporary interior design. Wyld adds a bit of flair to the already great design.  We love the many shimmering mirror balls and the ruby colored lighting. Wyld is a great example of a successful bar offering the best in entertainment to its guests. Of course there is an extensive cocktail menu and music is supplied by the best in-house Djs. This is a great place for a trendy night out.

Riva Bar – Berlin

The Riva bar in Berlin is designed with a modern-retro feel and is situated under a railway arch. The most used colors in the interior are red, yellows and purple, and the oval shaped bar breathes style and glamour. There are comfortable leather seats along the walls of this tunnel-shaped bar, prefect for enjoying a relaxing night out and great cocktails.

Pata Negra - Shanghai

Formerly known as The Velvet Lounge, Pata Negra is not only the best bar in town for cocktails, but also for Jamón Iberico! The bar has an edgy and urban feel with street art and exposed brickwork. The venue also displays the original features of the old Shanghai heritage villa it was built in.

Ozone - Hong Kong

The Ozone bar is part of the Hong Kong Ritz-Carlton and is worth a visit if you love design. There are panels of refracted glass walls, a black leather elevator and neon green lighting. The crowd is trendy and this is definitely a place to see and be seen. Finger food is also served at the Ozone.

Il Bar at Bulgari Hotel - London

The II Bar at the Bulgari Hotel in London is a masterpiece of glamorous interior design. There is a big stainless steel bar surrounded by mahogany and mirrored walls. The Bellinis served here are counted as the best in town and there are free bar snacks such as focaccia and olives. The bar features an indoor cigar shop.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Bulgari Hotel Bar


November 4th, 2015

Our bedrooms are the sanctuary we have to escape the world. They are also the room that we spend most time in. Our sleep is so important and we need to make sure that we are getting the rest we need to face the world.

With that in mind we thought we would offer some important bedroom design tips to help you sleep better.

Does your room reflect you?
A relaxing bedroom helps you sleep. It needs to reflect you and your personality so that when you are in it you feel as comfortable as you can be. Before you even start organising your furniture you should make sure that you have the furniture that is most you. For most of us, soft warm furnishing create a homely atmosphere – large pillows, comfy chairs, large dressing table, mirrors and soft lighting all combine to help us relax.

Is there light in the dark?
The sun, in all its radiance, is nature’s alarm clock. Unfortunately street lights, artificial lights and sunlight are all incompatible with a good night’s sleep. The first place to start when organising your bedroom furniture is to make sure you are getting as little light as possible.

-    Curtains

Thick, black out curtains should stop any sunlight or streetlight creeping into your cosy bedchamber.

-    Alarm clocks

Alarm clocks with lights should face away from the actual bed. Alternatively place them below your bedside cabinet to reduce light emissions.

-    TV’s and other gadgets

TV’s and gadgets with LED lights all contribute to the ambient light in a room. Ideally hide all gadgets from the line of sight of the bedroom. When it comes to TV’s and screens in the bedroom ideally they should be hidden behind cabinets. Studies have shown that watching a screen in bed is not conducive to a good night’s sleep – so if you can remove them from the bedroom this is even better!

Positioning your bed
Positioning your bed is crucial to both the feel of the bedroom and how it will make you sleep. If you sharing a bedroom then both people will need access to the bed. Placing the bed with access all around can help open up a room – whilst simultaneously making it the central focus. This helps the room stay focused on one purpose – sleep. That said many people find they feel more secure with a bed tucked up against a wall. Whichever suits your personality will help you get the best night’s sleep possible.

-    Radiators

Placing your bed next to a radiator will mean that your temperature adjusts during the night. If the radiator comes on in the early morning you will warm up quickly if you are too close. This can mean sticky, unpleasant starts to the morning. It is better to keep a room at a slightly lower ambient temperature if you want to have uninterrupted sleep.

-    External Walls and windows

Having a bed next to an external wall or window can also create greater temperature changes throughout the night. A constant temperature will mean a better night’s sleep – so try to avoid placing your bed against windows or external walls.

Organising your Furniture
When it comes to a good night’s sleep the key really is organisation. Numerous studies have shown that less cluttered spaces are the key to a better night’s sleep. They mean the mind has less to focus on in any given time and make you able to concentrate on relaxation. Make sure work, food and paperwork is all removed from your bedroom or placed tidily away in a drawer.

Less is more when it comes to furniture

-    Size is important

The more space your bedroom furniture takes up the more claustrophobic your room will feel. For this reason integrated wardrobes are fantastic as they maximise space whilst keeping the room feeling large. The same is true with chest of drawers and bedside cabinets. Look for the most ergonomic and practical pieces that still lend warmth and comfort to your room.

-    Keep decorative furnishings to a minimum

Aesthetically large collections of antiques and artwork are incredibly pleasing. Yet when it comes to your bedroom you want to keep these objects to a minimum. A large hanging artwork above the bedhead and some simple lamps or other antiques will keep your bedroom feeling cosy but un-cluttered.

-    Create soft warm spaces

Supplement your room with soft throws, pillows and cushioned areas. These all help to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere and will help your mind make positive connections with sleep and comfort.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design One Hyde Park Bedroom
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Master Bedroom


October 30th, 2015

The effect of the interior design and the use of color in the home or office space has a big effect on your mood. Scientific research has proven that vibrant colors such as reds and orange can make people feel more vibrant and active, while blues help to relax and create a calm space in the home. The use of the right colors in rooms with a specific meaning is important.

Green, blue and grey tones or white are perfect for bedrooms and a study. Calm yellows and beige tones are perfect for a family room or dining room and the kitchen, where the family gets together to prepare and enjoy meals, can do with a more vibrant color.

A well designed room is as important as choosing the right colors. Choosing furniture that helps to create the style that you are going for in your home helps to relax. In smaller homes it is important to look into using furniture that can be used for different purposes. Modern and stylishly designed foldaway beds and dining tables that can double as a desk to work on during working hours can be great solutions if space is an issue.

Looking at model homes and rooms can be a great start if you are designing your interior yourself. If you are designing the interior of your (new) home yourself you might want to start out by taking measurements of all the rooms. Depending on the number of people in your family, assigning the rooms to each member of the family is the next step. Create a color scheme for the home and take your time to place color or wallpaper samples on your walls before you start.

Well placed furniture can make a room look smaller or larger. Choose quality furniture that lasts a long time and design your room around the most important feature pieces in the home and enjoy the process.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Warm Lighting For Study Room
Casa Forma Interior Design Luxury Armchair
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Beige Bedroom Chair Oak Panel Writing Desk


October 1st, 2015

Celebrating its 25th year, the London Art Fair (LAF) opened to the public last Thursday and is the largest fair of modern and contemporary art in the UK. Established in 1988, the exhibition brings together over 100 galleries featuring the great names in British art of the twentieth century and contemporary works of art of great figures and emerging talent.

This is also the ideal opportunity for the galleries renew their business relationships and develop new contacts. A large number of professionals, as collectors, representatives of public, designers and private institutions, as well as admirers of art meet at this event.

At Casa Forma we are always looking for the most unique artists, artisans and materials from the most diverse places in the world, whilst seeking new inspiration for our interior design projects, we've been there this week to check out some of the artists on display.

The Flowers Gallery, a major event returned to London after several years bringing innovative work, as the Englishman Patrick Hughes. Hughes created a world solidified into perspective with images that come to life before our eyes!

There are self-portraits of English painter Claerwen James, who has already been exhibited in Flowers Gallery for quite a while now. My attention was drawn to the richness of the colors. Some of the pictures used are from the artist's own childhood.


Another much visited space was the artist of pop - art Peter Blake

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design London Art Fair
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Patrick Hughes Artwork
Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Peter Blake Artwork


September 20th, 2015

Casa Forma and its international team attended the annual Decorex show at Syon Park, to keep current on the newest trends and to get inspiration from all the new collections from the best suppliers currently representing the high end market.

For 38 years, Decorex have brought together designers from all over the world to showcase the latest products launched with the aim to create new & interesting interior designs.

Every year a new theme is presented at the show influencing the perception of the visitors during the whole visit.

The main theme for this year was about ‘The Future of Luxury’ a topic very well linked with the current issue and trend within the luxury interiors industry, deeply demonstrated by the V&A's recent exhibition - What is Luxury?

Casa Forma discovered new & fascinating collections from suppliers, with whom we started building solid collaborations with.

Keeping up with these kinds of well managed and organized events such as Decorex - at Casa Forma we continue to gain new inspiring points for projects we are currently working on from Beirut to Dubai, Moscow, Riyadh and of course London. 

Casa Forma Attend The Decorex International Design Show 2015


June 23rd, 2015

Casa Forma’s interior design scheme for the One Hyde Park project was synergistic with the buildings’ Modernist and Art Deco inspired architecture. Their luxury interior design scheme for the 4,000 square foot apartment focused on practicality and functionality whilst exuding the best of bespoke luxury and elegance. The client brief focused on sophisticated and timeless interior design, making the apartment luxurious and elegant as well as a comfortable holiday home for the family.

One Hyde Park has three retail units and 86 residential properties at prices ranging from £3m to £136m.

Casa Forma started the design project on May 2012 and completed it by the end of December 2012, and apart from the prestige of designing the apartment, the project offered Casa Forma the opportunity to work to ultimate precision paying particular attention to detail, luxury, quality, and value. It also provided Casa Forma the opportunity to research a variety of materials and techniques used to make it a truly unique design scheme the result being a carefully considered and uncompromising luxuriously designed apartment.

One Hyde Park is the epitome of bespoke luxury. We focused our design on detail, quality, luxury, and at the same time ensured the client gets value,” says Faiza Seth.

Special materials were used during the design such as gold and silver leafed wallpaper manipulated with gesso and acid; ombre sycamore high gloss panels, triple bevel mirrors, glass relief sculpture on mirror, tortoise shell and tiger eye backlit mosaic, rock crystal chandeliers creating the ultimate in luxury.

An unusual and outstanding design feature can also be found in the apartment in the form of an abstract map of Hyde Park walkways that was created using resin, metal and trims that clad on the side of the main corridor with each panel set in a slightly different angle creating a subtle 3D effect.

For Casa Forma the opportunity of completing a project at One Hyde Park strengthens their worldwide visibility as leading luxury interior designers. One Hyde Park apartments are coveted by a discerning international audience.

Casa Forma Luxury Interior Design Living Area One Hyde Park Apartment